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A bold artistic collaboration between creator Mandy Stapleford and co-producer Gina Gargone.


Mandy Stapleford the voice of good news good planet world view radio

MANDY STAPLEFORD (GNGP voice and co-creator):
Writer, Ridiculous Optimist, Artist

While a clay artist for most of her life, Mandy typically juggles multiple projects at a time. She’s written a book on entrepreneurship (pen name Mandy Lee) and dabbled in producing numerous theater and art shows. In 2015, after becoming dispirited with the depressing daily news, she took another leap iZnto writing when she created Good News Good Planet. She craved more joyful thoughts and realized happiness really does begin with good news and listening to it was easy, so recording it was the way to go.

In 2021 and 2022, Good News Good Planet won the New Mexico Broadcasters Association award for Excellence in Broadcasting in a Specialty Program. Read an article on the NMBA award and birth of GNGP here.

In 2022, through a generous grant from the LOR Foundation, Good News Good Planet Schools was created.
It’s a revolutionary program that seeks to encourage students to see themselves as part of the solution. The course uses 2-minute audio stories of actual good news from around the world to inspire kids to be solution-focused. The accompanying curriculum helps them to strategize responses to issues that matter to them and actively participate in making their own world a better place.

Mandy hails from the northeast coast but in 1998 found herself in Taos, New Mexico for a short visit that never ended. She resides there still, with her husband and numerous dogs, in a house she built from straw bales.
She loves to spend inordinate amounts of time in her clay studio.


the ladies of good news good planet world view radio

GINA CAROLINE GARGONE (GNGP writer and Co-creator):
Teacher, Pensively Outgoing, Actor

Gina enjoys all things good. A few of her favorites are good company, good food and a good long laugh. Really though, the entirety of that list stretches for miles across the hills of her mountain home towards the horizon.

Gina is a writer and an educator. Writing for Good News Good Planet is her contribution to sharing all of the good she enjoys in this life.

Gina loves to spend her days hiking, reading, philosophizing and smiling — most of the time. She lives in Taos, New Mexico with her family and a great big black dog named Beatrice and likes her music LOUD!

She would like to remind you to always sing to your houseplants; they appreciate it, you’ll start your morning off right and it’s good for you!

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the ladies of good news good planet world view radio

Kimberly Gordon (Head Writer):

Kim is an author, veteran, and mother of five boys who loves great stories, big gardens, and old farmhouses.

Max Moulton (Producer):

Max Moulton is a musician, producer, and recording engineer in Taos New Mexico. He is part of the team that runs Gizmo Productions LLC, a Marketing and Development company and is co-owner of a local grass roots radio station, KNCE 93.5fm – True Taos Radio.

the ladies of good news good planet world view radio

 – What people are sayin’ –

We get more of what we focus on… so much of traditional news outlets just bait us into daily bouts of outrage… time to get off that ride. Focus on what is going right with the world. If for no other reason than it just feels better to start and end the day with positive thoughts. This site has an inexhaustible supply of great stories that you will want to share.

Jeremy Lee


I think “Good News Good Planet” is valuable to me personally for an increasingly unusual positive dose of human interest. It can also be valuable as a teaching tool for mid-school and higher social studies teachers. How easy a way to expose kids to some hopeful news ? Brief, concise, well researched good news- easy to inspire deeper study or essay, discussion, concrete values debate.

Katie Woodall

Taos, NM

So happy to know that there are positive voices out there spreading uplifting stories and news to shine a little light on what can sometimes feel like dark times. Chin up attitude forward…seems to be their guiding principle.!

Nancy Stapleford

Trenton, NJ

“Freaking awesome. These girls have got it going on.”

Melissa Lind


“What a breath of fresh air, a gentle Spring shower, in the raw-edged world of news we usually face. Treat yourself to a smile for the day!”

Skye Gibbins

Arroyo Seco, NM